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Trying to conceive

I looked at the old woman and said, “That’s insane. I don’t think that would work.” I looked at my hands and curled them into fists, trying to put all my frustration in them. “We’ve been trying to conceive for a long time now and if there is something I want to do now after all these years, it’s to give up.”

The old woman slowly curled her hand over my right fist and said, “Try it. When desperate situations come, sometimes the simplest solution is the way to solve them. Trying to conceive again is hard, but to be honest, what do you have to lose?” I looked at her with tears in my eyes and smiled. The stars were kind that night and all my frustrations about trying to conceive came to rest.

Trying to conceive – we really need a pregnancy miracle

It started out as a casual conversation and some friendly advice from a faceless stranger, but it changed my life in ways no one can imagine. Trying to conceive is a hell I never thought we’d experience when Matt and I decided to have a baby. It’s all I ever dreamt of since the first time I discovered what a family meant. And after two years of being married, we finally decided to try. But try is all we ever did. And trying to conceive is getting worse and worse every single time we fail.

We tried everything the doctor advised us to do when trying to conceive. I increased my intake of fruits and endured all the tasteless healthy food they said pregnant women needed. I had a lot of rest and tracked my monthly cycle. And I can say that overall, trying to conceive is something I am so ready for.

After a number of failures, I felt so restless. I knew that trying to conceive was not only taking its toll on me, but on Matt as well. I felt like it was my fault and I know Matt feels the same way too. Maybe that’s why he went to the doctor without me to consult us about having difficulty trying to conceive. He had himself tested and smiled brightly when he told me that the quality of his sperm as well as his sperm count were normal and that we shouldn’t be having a hard time trying to conceive. He didn’t mean to hurt me, I knew that. But I sank deep inside.

I went to my doctor the next day and had myself tested too. I got scared when Dr. Cooper told me of the many problems that could hinder couples from trying to conceive. Images and words like chlamydia, pelvic inflammatory disease, Hughes syndrome and polycystic ovary syndrome, which are only the top of the list, filled my head. There would seem to be many obstacles when trying to conceive. Truth be told, I never even expected that trying to conceive would be as hard as this, but it is. The best thing that ever happened to me though that day was when the doctor said that my body is normal and that the only things I should be concentrating on is my holistic health and my attitude towards trying to conceive.

We tried and tried. Whenever we had the chance, we try. It’s like trying to conceive is all we ever did. I had my first breakdown on our second year of trying to conceive. I just met my sister and nephew on my way home from work. It was a bliss seeing my sister again and we started catching up about our lives. I told her about Matt and I trying to conceive. The bitter part that triggered my breakdown was not because I saw my 1-year old nephew, but rather the reminder that we’ve been trying to conceive for two years now and yet, nothing, compared to my sister. She consoled me and told me that maybe it’s not yet the right time for us to be trying to conceive.

I went home heartbroken after that and despite the fact that all we ever did starting from the time we decided to have a baby was trying to conceive one, we did nothing of that sort that day. Even though I did not tell him anything, he knew me well enough to know what was troubling me. He hugged me all night and never even brought up the topic of trying to conceive again for the next few days. After a week though, I gathered my wits and we tried again. Again, trying to conceive became a normal occurrence for the both of us.

The first days and months of trying to conceive went by like a breeze and both of us were pretty optimistic. In our 4th year of trying to conceive again though, I had my second and final breakdown.

I ran away from home to get away from anything that reminded me of us trying to conceive. It was a rainy night and all issues just fell down on me until I needed to get away. That was the night I met my faceless angel sitting outside a convenience store.

I told her about my story and how Matt and I were trying to conceive. She told me to be an herbivore and eat lots of red raspberry leaves. I laughed at her, feeling ridiculous for talking to her, but the more I talk to her about my problem of trying to conceive, the more it seemed like she knew what she was talking about.

My husband found me outside a convenience store talking animatedly to the old lady. When I saw him, he smiled and whispered that trying to conceive doesn’t really matter. I softly smiled at him and said, “Let’s try again, maybe not tonight, but after I become an herbivore.” He looked at me like I had gone crazy, but I just laughed it out. He then told me that the old lady advised him to grab the pregnancy miracle book ideally suited to married couples who are trying their best to conceive.

I became an herbivore the very next day and trying to conceive became our priority again. We both read the tips and tricks found in the pregnancy miracle guidebook. Within a month, we finally made it. We finally ended our tale of trying to conceive. We were then blessed with our son, Machau Aleh, with Machau meaning gift from God and Aleh meaning leaf.

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